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Due to the serious nature of many of the military cases defended against by civilian defense attorneys Richard V. Stevens and Frank J. Spinner, either the cases, the clients, and/or Mr. Stevens or Mr. Spinner often appear in local, regional, national, and international print, radio or television media.

Their military cases/clients have also appeared in periodicals and books. Mr. Stevens, Mr. Spinner, and/or their cases/clients have appeared in the media outlets identified on this page.

Press coverage is rarely sought when defending cases, but press interest in a case is independent from defense counsel preferences. Therefore, it is very important for a defense lawyer to know how to deal with press coverage, and to have a media strategy before it’s necessary to react to information that appears in the press. Mr. Stevens and Mr. Spinner not only have this experience, they lecture at defense lawyer conferences about how to handle high profile cases involving media coverage.

Some of Mr. Stevens’ and Mr. Spinner’s past case/client/attorney appearances in the media are:

Attorney Richard V. Stevens

Air Force Academy Court-Martial Dropped (2019): [1]

Officer Found Not Guilty of All Sexual Assault Allegations – Air Force Times, (2019):[2]

Air Force Academy Court-Martial Case Dropped – Air Force Times (2019):[3]

Military Sexual Assault Court-Martial Case Dropped – Air Force Times, Blog (2019):

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