Gary Myers, Daniel Conway

Our lawyers have handled a wide array of cases in their more than 100 years
of combined experience. When facing criminal charges as a member of the
military, it is important to have an attorney who is experienced in military
law and processes. We encourage you to read through some of our past cases
to learn more about our experiences and the kind of results we achieve
for our clients.

Here are results from the last 45 days. For a sample of results since 2015,
see below.

22 November 2019 – Mr. Pristera successfully represented an Army Reserve
Officer facing a loss of TS/SCI security clearance. The denial of due
process by DOD CAF was based on classified information that DOD CAF was
not even able to review. In the very unique case, Mr. Pristera was able
to work with DOD CAF to conduct an audit of the Officers security clearance,
resulting in the TS.SCI clearance being reinstated in full. All administrative
separation and transfer actions within the USAR were terminated and the
officer will now be promoted to Major once his flag is removed.

14 November 2019 – Mr. Conway represented a Naval Officer accused of wrongfully
using a prescription drug. Through dialogue with his wife, command, and
PERS we obtained a determination that the positive urinalysis was the
result of an innocent ingestion. The officer was not required to show
cause for retention.

13 November 2019 – Mr. Pristera successfully represented an Army Chief
Warrant Officer Before a board of inquiry for allegations that he lied
about taking an army physical fitness test. Despite the officer having
previously received a written general officer reprimand for the allegations,
Mr. Pristera convinced the board of officers to unsubstantiate the conduct
and find that the evidence did not establish the allegation by a preponderance
of the evidence. He was retained for future service.

13 November 2019 – Mr. Conway successfully represented a Navy Sailor at
an Administrative Separation Board for two instances of domestic abuse.
The Sailor was retained in service.

26 October 2019 – Mr. Galli represented an Army Officer at a Board of Inquiry.
The officer was accused of wrongful use of a controlled substance on two
separate occasions. Mr. Galli successfully secured an Honorable characterization
of service for the officer.

13 October 2019 – Mr. Pristera successfully argued before the Air Force
Evaluation Appeal Board (ERAB) for the removal of an Enlisted Performance
Report (EPR) on based on an improperly conducted and flawed investigation
into alleged misconduct.

13 October 2019 – Mr. Pristera success argued for a discharge upgrade to
an Honorable discharge with a change of the Re-enlistment (RE) code based
on evidence demonstrating that an administrative separation board improperly
concluded that the Applicant had abused marijuana.

9 October 2019 – Mr. Galli represented a former Marine seeking an upgrade
to his characterization of service via a submission to the Naval Discharge
Review Board (NDRB). The Marine had been separated pursuant to an allegation
of use of illegal drugs with a General (under honorable conditions). Mr.
Galli successfully secured an upgrade of the client’s characterization
to Honorable based on equitable grounds, which also resulted in favorable
changes to the client’s narrative reason for separation and reenlistment
code entries as well.

7 October 2019 – Mr. Galli represented a former Navy Sailor who had previously
been found unfit for duty, but had been denied placement on the Permanent
Disability Retired List (PDRL). As a result of Mr. Galli’s representation
before the Board for Correction of Naval Records, the Sailor was granted
placement on the Permanent Disability Retired List (PDRL) with a rating
of 30 percent.

3 October 2019 – Mr. Pristera obtained an upgrade in the discharge
of a Navy Sailor.

30 September 2019 – Mr. Pristera successfully argued to the AFBCMR for
the correction of a government debt erroneously created and imposed on
an Officer. The debt was for recoupment of a bonus based on an error that
led the Air Force and DFAS to believe that the Officer was not entitled
to the bonus.

28 September 2019 – Mr. Conway represented an officer accused of
indecent exposure. After a week-long trial, the officer was found not
guilty of all charges and specifications.

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